Pericolo Di Morte | Our wardrobe essential!

Pericolo Di Morte is our favourite label for scarfs, designed by Kathrin Mormann. The label is based in Germany and the new collection just launched! The design and quality of the handmade scarfs is outstanding. Lift your wardrobe with a Pericolo Di Morte scarf this season and add effortless style to any look! Visit the shop on

lovable dangerous
a label, exclusive and detailed
a lucky charm, companion and t-shirt pimp up
handmade in Germany & Italy
we are risk-seeking rebels with heart
fresh & free
with a touch of love for scurrility
the solid feel of hand-picked products drives us
loves the danger, life and yourself,
laughs driven to the face and is gaining strength
together we are breaking new paths,
to the lovely savor the danger & to live the life.

Hirschmeier-Fotodesign 2013.12.16_Mormann15208 Hirschmeier-Fotodesign 2013.12.16_Mormann64529 Klein (20H)Hirschmeier-Fotodesign 2013.12.16_Mormann15251

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